Medical Care Technologies Inc.

Medical Care Technologies Inc, is an U.S. medical services and technology company with headquarters in Hong Kong. We provide eHealth information technology solutions and family healthcare services in Hong Kong and throughout China.

We are traded under the symbol MDCE on the US OTC Markets.

We strive to provide innovative healthcare technologies, solutions and products to support China's healthcare reform. We plan to:

  • Deploy cloud computing based Electronic Health Records eHR systems in China and Hong Kong
  • Roll out a Healthcare Smartcard solution in China to facilitate better access to healthcare services
  • Develop an online reference / consultative system to help front line doctors, especially in small cities and rural areas of China 
  • Facilitate the establishment  and ownership of Integrated Healthcare Clinics
  • Develop and distribution of healthcare wellness products

James Lau, MSc., MBA

CEO and President 

Mark Langweiler, DC, DAAPM

COO and Chief Medical Officer

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